Veronica Cherkasova: Murder Mystery

04.07.2014 Source: Press service of BAJ 12259
A new documentary by Leanid Mindlin “Secret of Investigation. PS” was shown on Belsat TV on April 5.

The filmmaker again attempts to untangle motives of the brutal murder of the Belarusian journalist Veronica Cherkasova.

Next October it will be 10 years since Veronica Cherkasova, journalist of the Solidarity newspaper, was relentlessly stabbed at her home in Minsk. Before the film premiere, the press-service of BAJ takes an interview with the author of the movie.

- When did you get the idea to make this film?

- On the day of the murder, me and AP correspondent Siarhei Grits were witnesses of the investigative action. So, it had been two hours of investigation, and an investigator from the prosecutor’s office said: “We’ve got to take the pioneer!” Then I didn’t understand what he was talking about, but realized it two days later when the investigators started to press Veronica’s son. It means within two hours the investigator had already singled out whom “to take”… Then the investigation followed a false trace, and the crime has stayed unsolved. That is why I’ve got the desire to make the film. Later on Siarhei Satsuk conducted his own investigation, in which our versions coincided…

So then the idea of the movie was formed, we looked for resources. And finally, this year we’ve managed to produce the movie.

- In your film you concentrate on the version of the murder through professional activities – so called Iraqi trace?

- It is one of versions. Nobody insists that this version is the last instance truth, but there are many facts confirming this. The investigators of the case do not allow access to the proofs referring to the secrecy of investigation. That is why the movie is titled “Secrecy of investigation. P.S.”.

- Whose testimonies did you take in mind while making the movie?

- There are very few experts in this case because nobody would ever tell independent journalists about secrets of Infobank or Belmetalenergo. That is why the main sources are Veronica’s colleagues and relatives.

- When and in what circumstances will the crime be solved? And do you believe in this?

- In all I consider that an unsolved crime is a sin. But journalists can really very little in this case. There is no access to the case materials. No one from operative officers would ever talk to us. Even those who no longer work in the agencies.

But criminal practice shows that sooner or later a lot of things get revealed. There were cases in Belarus when murderers were found twenty-five years later. So I would want to believe that the crime will be solved.